It has been great working on our most recent Citizens Theatre production in conjunction with Headlong and Dressing Room 5 in London. These guys have clubbed together to produce a new version of Euripedes’s Medea by Mike Barlett. The process of making the trailer was different to what we’re used to of course because some of the influential and important role players are based in London, most notably, the actress playing Medea.

We coordinated a photo shoot with Headlong and Dr5 who supplied us with images of Medea in character for use in the trailer.

Toad’s Caravan called on fellow motion graphics colleagues Play Dead to create this new trailer with us. It was great working with a new team and we’re very happy with the results. Roll on more such collaborations.

Let us know what you think and do get along to the show at The Citz if you can.

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