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Working Together


A Creative Collective //
We are a group of freelancers who like flexibility in our working life. We work alone and so we thrive community - which is why TC exists! We started as a group of film-makers and animators back in 2010. We pull resources when the clients or jobs call for it, but we also work on our own projects. We work under one roof and we welcome the chance to collaborate. Finding a productive and quiet place to work can be tricky, so consider TC your home from home with everything you need. We’re always evolving and trying to improve so that we keep your work space fresh, accessible and comfortable. If you need a quiet place to work, focus, vent, sleep, drink coffee, think, moan about deadlines, share feedback with others or of course to assemble around a poker table or prop up a bar after a long week, Toad’s Caravan could be for you.
Day Pass //
Nab yourself a day pass for 20/day and use any available space, plus complimentary Dear Green Coffee & Pukka Tea. We throw in the odd apple on occasion...don't say we're not good to you
Monthly //
Our full time membership is 150/month for access Mon-Fri, 9-6pm. Apply for a space using the form below and we hope to meet you soon!


Face To Face //
Our space is home to 15-20 freelancers. We like to meet new members face to face first and ensure that the space is what they're looking for. We’re an independent, family-run company and the space itself is not profit-making. Any excess we receive from members goes towards improving the space. Bear this in mind when you come to look around, thanks y'all!
Application //
Please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to arrange for a time to meet for a quick coffee and chat.


How do I get involved? //
If you’re keen to work here at TC, please fill in the application form further down the page and we’ll get back to you to arrange to meet up and show you around. If you’re looking to commission some work, please drop us an email.
How Do I Pay? //
All payments are made online via our booking system. Once you’re registered we will send you a link to complete a mandate which creates a Direct Debit, taking payment at the beginning of each month. If you are using day passes, you’ll be charged pro-rata.
Do I need to be creative? //
Absolutely not! But you gotta be nice - we like nice people
Do I need to give notice? //
Yes please. If you are a member here, we request 1 month's notice in advance if you plan to leave. We can talk to you about one-off bookings for set periods of time too, just let us know before you sign up if this is the case.
What Do I Get? //
For 150/month you get access to our home-from-home office-come-studio space Monday-Friday, 9-6pm. We have kitchen facilities, fast internet, a land-line your clients can call in on, a phone booth, basement coworking, a quiet room for calls, friendly onsite mutt (there is some barking, sorry), exposure via our website, social events, regular in-house poker game and some good chat. Sometimes.
Will There Always Be Space For Me? //
We are keeping our rates low so that we can be as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. With that comes a some compromise - sometimes you may not be able to sit in your favourite spot! There are always more available work spaces than members, so don't panic.

"After moving back to Glasgow I only intended to use Toad's Caravan for a month while my internet was being connected. I quickly realised what a great place it is to work, and I have every intention to remain. Compared to the coworking space I used in London, Toad's is more of a community hub than just an office space."

Mark Mitchell / TC Member

I’ve worked freelance for a few years and have always worked from home - which can seem like a good thing - working in your slippers, getting the washing done, blah blah blah… But let’s face it, being around other humans and building a network of like-minded folk is much better for both working and for your mentality! Toads Caravan is ideal for me - there’s a great mix of people there, a good bit of chat, a nice atmosphere and it’s in a great spot. Plus it gets me out the house!

Laura Henderson / Illustrator / TC Member

"I love being able to work at Toad's Caravan because it's a bright and inviting space to come to when working from home becomes too cumbersome. A few hours in the Caravan amongst other like-minded professionals gives me a shot of creativity."

Erik Niewiarowski, TC Member / Digital Content Strategist and Creative Storyteller