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Felted Animals & Greenscreen Shoot with Cbeebies

This was a great project - most fun to play a role in! Joanna created a proposal and visual treatment for a pitch for a Cbeebies show which included some small, strange, felted, puppet-friends. Joanna made the characters along with partner Ben Whitney. They were constructed from wool roving and small parts for eyes, claws, tails etc... The creatures were designed to perch on the presenters' fingers, and to be shot close ups. We had such fun on set with our presenter and the creatures, creating voices and noises to suit the little furballs. The fuzz of course was a tad tricky to key in post-production, but we got there! Felting requires some amount of patience, but the end result is so adorable it makes the frustration and relentless jabbing worthwhile! Joanna also created a graphic "world" for the creatures to live in, featured below. We hope you enjoy looking at this content as much as we enjoyed creating it!


BBC Scotland (Cbeebies)


Joanna Susskind: Animation, design and puppet-maker Ben Whitney: Puppet-maker

Joanna Susskind

animation / design

Joanna Susskind

build / design

Graphic Set Design

Joanna created the graphic world in Photoshop and After Effects on many layers in 3D space. The scenes were designed in such a way that the camera could fly through and over all the colourful shapes, with them bobbing and moving as we fly. Creating a space that the characters would sit in comfortably, which wasn’t a “real” space, was quite a challenge and in the end we decided to make the whole set entirely make-believe.