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Gender Based Violence

Film 5: It Takes A Villiage To Raise A Child
Earlier in 2019 we were commissioned to create 6 x 1 minute animations, all surrounding issues regarding gender based violence. We love working with clients and content we feel passionate about and this one was a real challenge. The films were to appeal to young people, to inform them, without preaching, and of course to grab their attention - which is the most difficult but also the most fun challenge within this type of project. We decided that stop-motion would be the best medium for the job. We could create 6 entirely different aesthetics and use 6 different materials to send out the messages. Each film was animated in around a day. Imagine what we could do with a week! All original music created by Joanna Susskind.


Joanna Susskind


It Takes a Village to Raise A Child