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Little Wild Things

Yes, we had to google it too... Aren't these hanging green friends just beautiful? Becky has very kindly loaned some of her twine wrapped plants to our window display for the winter time, to show YOU, just how lovely they look and how easy they are to care for. Some misting every couple of days and the occasional soak keeps these succulents and ivys more than happy. Come take a closer look at these Kokedama at our winter bazaar, open on Thursday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays in December.

Devil’s Ivy

Easy maintenance foliage plant.

Devil’s Ivy is a vine that will grow and trail which looks lovely when hanging. 

Needs soaked every two weeks and the leaves need misted in between.

Ideal bathroom or kitchen plant that likes filtered light. 

Becky Rawlinson // Little Wild Things

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Becky Rawlinson // Little Wild Things