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Shorts about Nappies

We absolutely love TotsBots and all that they do! Based in the east end of Glasgow, they churn out awesome, eco-friendly nappies, wrapped in weird and wonderful designs by the plenty from their amazing warehouse. A dream brief for Joanna, we were asked to create 3 videos, one for The Easyfit Star, The Peenut and Bamboozle. We worked with 2 star bubbas, on set at Toad Hall for a day and created 3 distinct promotional videos which TotsBots use online to promote the differences between the nappy styles. Joanna and Rick commissioned a revolving table and created a table-top set for the young ones to crawl around on. A real joy! Who says kids are a bother to work with? Under 3's and animals = Easiest and best clients.

Learn more about TotsBots right here on their website www.totsbots.com.

EasyFit Star


The Peenut

Easy Fit Star

Design and animation content by Joanna Susskind

Easy Fit Star

Camera and lighting by Rick Walker




Animation & Direction: Joanna Susskind Camera & Lighting: Rick Walker Audio: Joanna Susskind