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Toad Be Social



Welcome! We are Toad’s Caravan, a bespoke creative production studio and coworking space based in the south side of Glasgow in bonnie Scotland.


We are animators, producers, publishers, directors, film-makers, thinkers, mathematicians, psychologists, therapists, support workers, designers, makers and everything in-between. We work with many types of clients on many different projects and briefs.


We’re open minded. We like challenges.  We love to collaborate. We love to explore and experiment.  We believe in the power of colours and pictures to share what you want to say to the world. Design, movement and visuals are what we do best.


Drop us a line to chat about your project. We would love to hear from you.

We are currently accepting new members for our coworking space. Please click here if you are interested and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.

Our Story


A Big Jump //

Joanna took a leap of faith and left her job opening Toad's Caravan as a shared working space for creatives in Glasgow in Ruthven Lane in the west end of the city.


Friends and Business //

For 5 years we worked out of our Ruthven Lane studio where we were home to over 50 creative freelancers and provided content and consultation to over 150 clients. We worked together and apart, with TC operating as an agent for freelance creatives.


The End of An Era //

Long story short: Mr Toad and his pals couldn’t get fast enough internet down the lane to send all of our large graphics and video files so we had to jump ship!


Less is More //

Joanna teamed up with friend and designer Scott Jarvie. They worked out of an office by the park, clicking and plotting away quietly for around a year... A vast change of pace to the previous 5 years, but much time to get lots of animation and thinking done!


New Friends //

Joanna met Ben and together they took on a railway arch on Eastvale Place, creating a home for themselves and Make Shorty (Alistair Devine and Stu Gray). They worked way quietly under the trains for 2 whole years. Great fun, but very, very cold…despite our log burner.


Let's Move South //

Feb: Joanna teams up with Ben and they take out a lease on a shop on Pollokshaws Road with a basement level for carpentry, workshops and training. April: Refurb complete thanks to the mad skills of Ben and Craig!! May: Members are working in the space. October: Toad is settling in great and we are starting to work on new projects and make lots of new friends in this part of town!